Welcome Dr. Jinliao He from Nanjing University, China to be Organizing Committee member!

Dr. Jinliao He
Nanjing University, China 

Research Area: Ecological Planning; Land-use Planning; Economic Geography and Urban Studies

Research Experience:
Dr. He is currently working as Associate Research Fellow at the Research Center of Human Geography, Nanjing University. He received his Ph.D. degree in Geography at Heidelberg University, Germany in 2013. He is specialized in urban and regional development studies, including urban sustainability, land-use assessment, ecological and landscape planning, function zoning, GIS application in urban planning, spatial economy, cultural and creative industries. By March 2018, Dr. He has published more 30 academic articles in both national and international journals, such as Cities, European Planning Studies, Environment and Planning B, Journal of Urban Planning and Development. He is also the author of four books published by Springer and other international leading publishing houses.