Welcome Prof. Yan Wu from Shandong University, China to be Organizing Committee member!

Prof. Yan Wu
Shandong University, China

Research Area: Bioaerosol sources and sinks, detection, characterization, and control

Research Experience:
1. Investigation the deposition of biological aerosols on air-conditioning cooling coils in Singapore and China
2. Study size distributions and composition of inhalable microbial aerosols in indoor and outdoor air in China and Singapore
3. Investigation on the inactivation effects and mechanisms of physical methods such as microwave irradiation and non-thermal plasma on the viability, culturability and diversity of bacterial and fungal aerosols, and culturability and antigenicity of MS2 aerosols using qPCR, EMA-qPCR, DGGE, gel electrophoresis
4. Characterizing the indoor microbiome in university offices before and after cleaning to address a mold problem