Welcome Prof. Jinglong Han from Yantai University, China to be Organizing Committee member!

Prof. Jinglong Han
Yantai University, China

Research Area: Comprehensive utilization of resources; Soil improvement; Ecological restoration; Organic agriculture.

Research Experience:
Professor Han received his doctorate from Kyushu university college in Japan in March 2000.  After returning to China to create enterprises engaged in comprehensive utilization of waste resources;  Organic agriculture;  Soil improvement;  Environmental ecological restoration and other fields.
1. professor Han chairs the United nations development programme, the global environment facility.
2. professor Han presided over or as a main member to participate in " Tricholoma matsutake semi artificial cultivation technology research", " Changbai mountain area Tricholoma matsutake artificial domestication and cultivation research", " saline-alkali soil rice cultivation technology research", " purification nitrate n in tea circle to prevent groundwater pollution system establishment" and other national natural fund, provincial science and technology department project, Japan academic revitalization association project, enterprise cooperation project.
Professor Han obtained 10 invention patents such as a method for enriching and culturing ammonia-oxidizing bacteria ( patent no: 2010266676.7 ).  Published more than 10 sci papers and 30 core journals and research reports at home and abroad.