Welcome Prof. Weilun Wang from Shenzhen University, China to be Organizing Committee member!

Prof. Weilun Wang
Shenzhen University, China

Research Area: Structural Engineering

Research Experience:
Doctor of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan. Professor, Shenzhen University. Deputy Director, Institute of Structural Engineering, Shenzhen University. Member of the Shenzhen Civil Architecture Association Expert Committee, Member of the Shenzhen Green Building Association Expert Committee, Senior Visiting Scholar of the 2010 Japan Academic Promotion Association(JSPS)(short-term). It is mainly engaged in the study of ultra-high strength and high-performance concrete structure design methods, durability design of concrete structures, safety and durability repair techniques for operational concrete structures. Presided over 2 projects of the National Natural Science Fund and 2 projects of the National Natural Science Fund; As a core member, undertake 2 team projects; The first or second participant shall undertake four provincial and ministerial scientific research projects; Presided over or assumed more than 20 technical service items; Participate in the compilation of 1 national code; 7 patents and copyrights; More than 80 papers were published and more than 60 papers were retrieved by SCI/EI/ISTP; Write 1 monograph(second); There are 3 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, and 1 paper award from JSCE.