Welcome Prof. Xiaoli Duan from University of Science and Technology Beijing, China to be committee member!

Prof. Xiaoli Duan
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Research Area:
Environmental Health

Research Experience:
Ph.D., Professor from School of Energy and Environmental Engineering in University of Science and Technology of Beijing (USTB). Before she joined USTB, she was a researcher in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP). She has over fifteen years’ experiences in the area of exposure analysis with a broad range of method development on personal inhalation exposure measurement, biomarkers of exposure and methods of exposure apportionment. Her research focus also includes household fuel use, human activity patterns related to air, water, food, and soil. She led the first national wide Environmental Exposure-Related Human Activity Patterns Survey based on over 160,000 population in both adults and children in 31 provinces in China, and developed the first Chinese Exposure Factors Handbook for adults and children. She has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in both Chinese and English Journals, and chief editor of ten published books. She is vice chair of the advisory committee of Environmental Health Data Standards and Information Sharing Association, and members of Standing Committees of Environmental Risk Management Association, Environmental Criteria and Standards Association in Chinese Society of Environmental Science. She’s one of the members of Guideline Development Group on WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Household Fuel Combustion, reviewing on Household Coal Combustion: Unique Features of Exposure to Intrinsic Toxicants and Health Effects.