Welcome A.Prof. Lei Chen from Beijing Normal University,China to be committee member!

A.Prof. Lei Chen
Beijing Normal University,China

Research Area: Diffuse Pollution and Watershed Management


Research Experience:

  • Basic information

Associate professor、Doctoral tutor,branch of director of China environmental science institute.  research direction: Simulation and control of non-point source pollution, water environment simulation and repair. The applicant as academic backbone participated in national 973 plan project, Innovative research group projects, national science fund for distinguished young scholars, natural science foundation of China, Public welfare of environmental protection industry special scientific research project, national water special project, etc. national or provincial scientific research projects.
  • Research direction

Simulation and control of non-point source pollution, water environment simulation and repair, watershed integrated management, Sponge urban project
  • Social work

Branch of director of China environmental science institute
  • Education

2010.09—2013.06  Beijing Normal University  Environment science     Doctor
2005.09—2008.06  Beijing Normal University  Environment science     Master
2001.09—2005.09  Beijing university of Aeronautics and Astronautics    Environmental materials     undergraduate
  • Work experience

15.10-now      Beijing Normal University     School of Environment     Associate professor
13.07-15.10      Beijing Normal University     School of Environment    Instructor
08.08-10.07    Management Committee of Caofeidian    Development and Reform Bureau
  • Publication (to name a few)

1)Chen L, Guobo Wang, Yucen Zhong, Zhenyao Shen. Evaluating the impacts of soil data on hydrological and nonpoint source pollution prediction. Science of the Total Environment. 2016. Accept in 2016-4-15.
2)Chen L, Yongwei Gong, Zhenyao Shen,*Structural uncertainty in watershed phosphorus modeling: Toward an stochastic framework. Journal of Hydrology. (2016), pp. 36-44. Doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.03.039
3)Guobo Wang, Chen L*, Qin Huang, Yuechen Xiao, Zhenyao Shen. The influence of watershed subdivision level on model assessment and identification of non-point source priority management areas. Ecological Engineering. 2016, 87: 110–119. (SCI¸ IF=2.580)
4)Chen L, Wei G.Y., Shen Z., An auto-adaptive optimization approach for targeting nonpoint source pollution controlpractices. Scientific reports, 2015, 5, 15393. (SCI, IF=5.578).
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6)Hui Xie, Chen L* and Zhenyao Shen. Assessment of agricultural Best Management Practices using models: current issues and future perspectives. Water 2015, 7: 1088-1108. (SCI, IF=1.291)
7)Chen L, Y. Gong, and Z. Shen. A comprehensive evaluation of input data-induced uncertainty in nonpoint source pollution modeling. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions.2015. 12, 11421–11447. (SCI)
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14)Chen L, Yucen Zhong, Guoyuan Wei, Yanpeng Cai, Zhenyao Shen. Development of an integrated modeling approach for identifying multilevel non-point-source priority management areas at the watershed scale. Water Resources Research. 2014, 509: 207–214. (IF= 3.709, SCI)
15)Chen L, Zhong Y, Wei G, Shen ZY*. Upstream to downstream: a multiple-assessment-point approach for targeting non-point-source priority management areas at large watershed scale. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 2014, 18: 1-8. (IF= 3.642, SCI)